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Welcome to Hillbrook!

We are Planning for the Future

Hillbrook has long been a place of spiritual renewal and mutual encouragement. Lifelong friendships are formed here. Marriage partners have been found here. Spiritual births and renewals take place here. We live together, play together, worship together, learn together, and share with one another here. We leave here engergized and ready to make our community and world a better place. Most importantly, we leave here better prepared to love and serve our God and each other.

On June 13, 2019, Hillbrook Christian Association celebrated its 50th year of existence. In preparation for this major milestone, the Hillbrook Board of Directors has spent the last few years planning for the future.

The Hillbrook Master Plan is the culmination of several years of meetings and discussions on how to best utilize the Hillbrook property and resources. The current facilites were mostly built in the early 1970s, and no longer meet the needs of all our camps and retreats. During Phase I of our plan, we will be improving our kitchen, laundry facility, nurses and directors cabins, and upgrading our utilities. During Phase II of our plan, we will be building new conditioned cabins. Each new cabin will have its own in-cabin bathing facilities. Upon completion of this phase, we anticipate a much high utilization of our facilities outside of the summer weeks.

See our Plans

Master Plan

We Need Supporters

The fees we charge for the use of the Hillbrook facilities only help to offset some of the direct costs such as utilities and insurance. We rely upon the generosity of donors like you to help fund maintenance, renovations, and building of new facilities. If you love Hillbrook as much as we do, we need your help! Even a small monthly donation will go a long way towards helping us secure a bright future for Hillbrook.

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