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Hillbrook's Plan for the Future

In June 2019, Hillbrook Christian Association celebrated its 50th year of existence. In preparation for this major milestone, the Hillbrook Board of Directors has spent the last few years planning for the future.

The current facilites were mostly built in the early 1970s, and are generally only suitable for camp use during the summer months. The lack of heat and air in the cabins, as well as the lack of windows to keep out dust, pollen and bugs makes it a challenge to keep the facilities operational during other times of the year. While groups do occasionally use the facilities outside of the summer months, we would like to improve the facilities so that they can be utilized by more groups and for more weeks out of the year.

The following Master Plan is the culmination of several years of meetings and discussions on how to best utilize the Hillbrook property and resources. During Phase II of our plan, we will be replacing all screened-in cabins with newer conditioned cabins with in-cabin bathing facilities. Upon completion of this phase, we anticipate a much high utilization of our facilities outside of the summer weeks.

Download Enduring Light Brochure Download Master Plan Map (pdf format) MasterPlan
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